World Amateur Golfers Championship tournament begins as a Regional Championship.

Golfers from around the country participate in regional eliminations where the first two players in each handicap division A-E, participate in the National Finals.

If a golfer is unable to participate in the National Finals or International Tournament, the runner up takes his or her place in the tournament phase.

Divisions / handicap groups:

A: 0-5 / B: 6-10 / C: 11-15 / D: 16 – 20 / E: 21 –25

There are three phases of the World Amateur Golfers Championship:

Phase 1

• Regional Qualifier (Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng or Western Cape)

Phase 2

• National Finals (all expenses paid from destination of qualification)

Phase 3

World Amateur Golfers Championship – International event (Five deserving national winners will represent Team South Africa in an All Expenses Paid* tour, including team clothing at the World Amateur Golfers Championship to be staged in Malaysia 2019).

*Excludes passports, spending money, golf shoes, golf equipment.